Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oliver and the gang

This is Oliver - he is an Amstaf.

He is staying with us for a couple of months.

He is making the girls behave as puppies again.

some times they fight..

But mostly they just run around like crazy

Pic nic with scotties

We went for a bike ride in Cartago.
Well I did not ride, I was there for support with the girls.

It was quite rural, lots of cows and open spaces.

Pepper was quite intrigued with the cows but behaved properly.
Se even did the treat on the nose trick.

With out knowing it, I was appliying some of the tips on the 'Love that Dog - Training Program."

Practice in deferent settings!

But for me, the most exciting was having Sesame merge with the background.
Can you find her?

ying yang scotties

Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Dog Show - 2011

This was our 3rd show!
Look at our beautiful Sesame, all grown up.
After this show, she got the Young Champion tittle.
She also placed 4th place in terrier group. I know is not top 3 but hey we are just starting on this.

Just watching out the competition..
One day I will get that silky...

Moonlight seranade

Do the Scottie Dance!

After I grooming session I took the girls for a walk.
The light was beautiful so I took some pictures.

Turns out, Sesame is quite a dancer!

And some beauty shots

This is my good side

No wait, they are both my good side!

My favorite spot

This is Pepper's favorite spot.

Under the bushes, resting her head on the rocks.

Inside the hole she dug.

Where she is able to watch everyone that passes by our house.

Oh and here is Sesame saying hi there!

Second Dog show

And we went to our second dog show.

A little bit more prepared but each time we learn a lot more and get to meet more dog show people.

Sesame against other young dogs

This time we took Pepper so that she could be there as support for Sesame.

Of course Pepper was in a more
relaxed mood that Sesame was.

Grooming seminar

Sesame' s look alike sasquatch.

Just groomed Sesame.

Since I'm new to scottie grooming I enrolled in a grooming seminar to learn a little on how to care for their coat.

As you can see, Sesame needed a looot of work.

I also took Pepper to the Seminar, but she was not as messy as Sesame.

When I was finished with them, they rested
while watching other dogs being groomed.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Disney Scotties

We took a trip to Disney and bought back Miney Mouse ears.

Pepper had to try them on...

The Coat

I had mentioned before my plans of making a coat for the girls.
Here are the pictures.

I made one for each of them. They looked great!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Scotties in the Wild!

I know that a lot of people might kill me if they saw that I let my dog show do this kind of this, but I do want her to be a happy dog and explore her terrier instincts.

As you can see, we hand to walk trough the rain forest to get to our final destination... the river!

Both Pepper and Sesame did very good, going down the hill. they actually did better then all the humans. They a both probed that their are Scotties legs are built for the wild!

We finally got to the river. It was beautiful. Just in case you were wondering, all the dogs involved were under surveillance so no one got hurt.

Pepper and Sesame even got the chance to go for a swim, both with many arms ready to the rescue!

First show!

This was a brand new experience for me and for Sesame.

This was her first dog show.

She did quite good and we have learn a lot since.
Here we are ready to enter the ring.

She did very good when the judge had to examine her

She even got a ribbon! Best in show, Third Place of puppies.


These is more of a combo of Sesame's and Peppers birthday pics.

This was Pepper's cake
This is a very uncomfortable Pepper

We lit the candle even though i had to blow it out

This is Sesame's birthday dinner

It was a lot of fun, but from time to time, there were some arguments on who got to play with the new toys first.

Last Halloween

Yes... i know everything is kind of outdated.

But here are the Halloween pics.

Here they are, the two Scotties watching all the treats.

Sessame has her menacing look, give me treats or else....

And finally, Pepper in costume, what I like to call Pepperfly!!