Monday, August 29, 2011

Frozen Treats

Recently I was given a tip to feed Pumpkin with oats and flax seed to my dogs.
That this is a good supplement for skin and hair health.

At first I created the mixture and just added a spoon to their bowl of food.
But I wanted to make it easier.

I made them into frozen treats!!

I used my Scottie shaped molds to make the treats, and also some paw shaped molds.

I added the recipe to Instructables, you can check out the steps there:

Monday, August 8, 2011

Scotties at the beach!

It was always a dream of mine to take my dogs to the beach and watch them have fun and run all over the place.

This weekend, we finally did!!

We went just for the day to see if they liked it and , well they loved it!!

We went to a little hotel in Esterillos, El Pelicano.
They are dogie friendly and even have a couple of dogs of their own.

This is a very large beach so the space available to have fun with dogs is huge and they do not
bother anyone.

Well, both of them loved running on the beach as far as they could.

They loved getting their paws wet up to their bellies.

Sometimes they even got deeper in the sea, but the area is known for strong currents, so we kept them close to the shore.

They were a little afraid of the little waves, but then, they realized it passed and kept enjoying the sea.

I was hopping that they chase crabs, but instead Sesame decided to chase birds... silly scottie..

And when we were out of the water.. rolling around the sand was the thing to do

It was the cutest, watching them look for the shade when they were not running.

I really think they can get used to trips to the beach. If you have a dog and have the chance, take them to the beach!!

Friday, August 5, 2011


We took the girls or for a picnic day.

We took the Frisbee and tried to teach them to how to catch it.

They were not successful at this but they did had fun running behind it and trying to be the first one to grab it.

Sesame even started learning to fetch, but she always drops is half way there..

They never understood we wanted them to catch in the air, and not to wait until it drops.

But, it's still funny!
And they loved it!