Monday, April 30, 2012

Canine Cocktail!

This weekend we participated on a canine cocktail!
It was a fundraiser for  SASY association! (Stop Animal Suffering, Yes!)
The first of  it's kind in Costa Rica.

It was very nice, complimentary dog treats and water bowls for all the dogs.  There were appetizers and drinks for people. 25% of the proceeds were donated to SASY. We had Sangria and Margarita!

Doggie Treats by Lulu was also there,  they make wonderful doggie treats! We bought some pup cakes. They were also donating 10% of their sales!

This cocktail was at a Hotel Indigo, at the Motor Lobby, so the dogs could walk around with out crowding the hotel's guests.

We arrived at the hotel after our agility class. They had drinks and water for Sesame and Pepper. It was just what we needed.

They also had this beautiful dog for adoption. Her name is Amy Winehound.. what a cute name! As you can see she was a very friendly dog. She was already adopted when we arrived.

There were cameras and people form the news. On Monday Sesame will be on TV!!

It was a lot of fun, and now the we know Sasy, we be more involved with their activities.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Scottie art

Or so I say!
Scotties have such a wonderful shape, that I'm always trying to capture it.
Here is a sample of work that I've done. Hope you like them!
There are more but I will show them another time.
This was for an flash animation I did.

This actually got me a Radley bag!! yey! I did this drawing with my Wacom.

Peppers bday

I'm trying to get you up up to date, so I must include as well, Pepper's bday pics!
It was on October.. I really have no excuse... I'm sorry Pepper!

We did a grooming session and got her all pretty, scottie tie included.

She got her special meal and then time for presents!

This lovely stuffed giraffe is no loner with us... but they sure enjoyed it while it lasted!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why we were out!

I've seen many comments and that we were even included on the Jazzi's Christmas exchange!
 That's exciting!

I wanted to say I'm sorry that we did not answer... It't would have been great to participate and I hope we do for the next exchange.

But everyting has an explanation!

Since Novemeber, I was really sick.. I had no idea.. but I was. I had a terrible pain in my stomach, I though it was heartburn. Every couple of nights I had so much pain that I stayed awake the whole night.

I started  treatment and  a very strict diet. But things were the same. This took a lot of my energy, not sleeping, the pain and work, took all I had (and of course loving Pepper and Sesame!).

It was until January that I had had pain for more than 24 h that we had to go to the clinic and they discovered I had a gallstones!!

To make the story short... I had to stay for emergency surgery and my gallbladder removed.

Its been 2 months now! Now I feel like I got my life back! I can eat normal again, I can sleep, and no pain, and lost of energy!

Please stay tuned as now , I can dedicate more time to Scottish Pepper, and post more frequently!

Scottish beauty!

As a Scottie lover,  I'm amazed by their beauty.
One afternoon, we were enjoying some time together and the light was just wonderful!

I went crazy and took lots of pictures. I hope you enjoy them as much as me!

Sesame has such a sweet look!

And she has the weirdest form of sleeping!

One of those times where you can actually see Pepper's eyes.

And my favorite...


Since my time gone from posting we started going to Agility clases. Sesame was the first and then both of them. They are both very talented but Pepper has the upper hand.

Sesame completed one cousse. Both Pepper and Sesame participated on the first unofcial torunament... and Pepper got more medals than Semame!

Now we are on the level two (Pepper got to skip level 1..).

They really like the classes. Its really fun, they are good at it and they get to play with other dogs!

For some reason I cant seem to find Pepper pictures but here are some of Sesame's.

Our biggest challenge.. getting her to go trough the tunels..

Here in the tire

Dont know it in English.. but the direct translation would be long jump.

Sesame's Bday Party

I know... I tend to get lost.. but I'm back again to share Sesa's bday pics!

She was 2 years on April 13th, so we dedicated the weekend to her bday activities. We wanted a party with her agility friend, but both her and Pepper are in heat. We ended up doing a small party. Maybe will celebrate big on another weekend.

Celebrations started with the girls sharing a piece of peanut butter treat I baked for them.
This is the official bday picutre. Both of them posing with their party harts(which they hatted)!
Sesa loved her cake!


Then the game began! We did not attend agility but did some jumps at home.

Then, on Sunday we gave Sesame her bday present.. a pool!

 It was a very sunny day, perfect for some water games. They both enjoy Sesa's gift!