Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why we were out!

I've seen many comments and that we were even included on the Jazzi's Christmas exchange!
 That's exciting!

I wanted to say I'm sorry that we did not answer... It't would have been great to participate and I hope we do for the next exchange.

But everyting has an explanation!

Since Novemeber, I was really sick.. I had no idea.. but I was. I had a terrible pain in my stomach, I though it was heartburn. Every couple of nights I had so much pain that I stayed awake the whole night.

I started  treatment and  a very strict diet. But things were the same. This took a lot of my energy, not sleeping, the pain and work, took all I had (and of course loving Pepper and Sesame!).

It was until January that I had had pain for more than 24 h that we had to go to the clinic and they discovered I had a gallstones!!

To make the story short... I had to stay for emergency surgery and my gallbladder removed.

Its been 2 months now! Now I feel like I got my life back! I can eat normal again, I can sleep, and no pain, and lost of energy!

Please stay tuned as now , I can dedicate more time to Scottish Pepper, and post more frequently!

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