Monday, April 30, 2012

Canine Cocktail!

This weekend we participated on a canine cocktail!
It was a fundraiser for  SASY association! (Stop Animal Suffering, Yes!)
The first of  it's kind in Costa Rica.

It was very nice, complimentary dog treats and water bowls for all the dogs.  There were appetizers and drinks for people. 25% of the proceeds were donated to SASY. We had Sangria and Margarita!

Doggie Treats by Lulu was also there,  they make wonderful doggie treats! We bought some pup cakes. They were also donating 10% of their sales!

This cocktail was at a Hotel Indigo, at the Motor Lobby, so the dogs could walk around with out crowding the hotel's guests.

We arrived at the hotel after our agility class. They had drinks and water for Sesame and Pepper. It was just what we needed.

They also had this beautiful dog for adoption. Her name is Amy Winehound.. what a cute name! As you can see she was a very friendly dog. She was already adopted when we arrived.

There were cameras and people form the news. On Monday Sesame will be on TV!!

It was a lot of fun, and now the we know Sasy, we be more involved with their activities.

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