Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wet Pepper

As good Scottish Terrier, Pepper loves to dig...

Just take a look at her brown nose and you'll know she dug some holes on the backyard...
After a whole week of having a dirty nose, face, paws... the time has come to take the first bath.

Pepper usually loves water, the hose, the rain.. but not when she is not in charge.

As you can guess, Pepper hated her first bath..

We took all the precautions needed:
1. it was a sunny day
2. we bought her a neutral ph shampoo
3. special care for the ears
4. a towel to dry her up
5. brushed her after

She had not grown in to her ears! She looks like a Chiuahua.

"help... i want to get out!"

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