Monday, July 4, 2011

Peppper's puppies

Well, this is the main reason I was away from blogging.

Pepper had her first litter and I was very much obsessed with watching the puppies all the time.

It was a small litter, only to puppies. Both males. They were called Aza and Bache
So they were the Azabache Twins! Basically azabache means black color.
Pepper was a good mother and Sesame a good aunty!

Oliver was not as close to the puppies, but whenever they got to play Red one would always go at him as if he was 10 times larger! Guess that Scottie attitude is quite set!

They are now both with their new families. The one with the blue collar is now called Shine and the one with the red one : Blacky.

This is a summary of the images of the puppies.

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